The Orgasmic Diet: Secrets of a Better Sex Life

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While there is nothing novel about this approach to eating, it does have its perks when it comes to your sexual appetite. The high-protein/low-carb regimen lowers SHBG, which raises free testosterone, the element that controls sexual desire. The recommended fats increase testosterone and boost libido and the ability to orgasm. Reducing the intake of starches and carbs also lowers SHBG levels and prevents spikes in serotonin which can contribute to a decrease in sexual function.

But isn't just what you're adding to your lifestyle that's going to change your sex life - it's also what you'll be subtracting. Caffeine, trans or hydrogenated fats and polyunsaturated fats that counteract the effects of omega-3 fatty acids will be eliminated from your diet.

Work It, Girl
It's no secret that regular physical activity will fight stress and improve overall wellness, enhancing your desire to have sex. However, getting your body in shape for a healthier sex life requires exercising a different set of muscles. If you want to experience those to-die-for orgasms, it requires strengthening of the PC muscles to help you achieve bigger and better orgasms and get the most bang for your buck.

"In terms of improving libido, it's not necessary to follow all parts of the diet," Marrena says. "Some women prefer to skip the PC muscle exercises. But they are important if you want to gain magical orgasm ability. That requires strong PC muscles which will make clitoral orgasm easier and increase the blood flow to the region. It also makes things tighter."

Doing pelvic floor exercises such as Kegels will help, but you should also consider investing in a Gyneflex or some other device that tones the PC muscles. Marrena suggests using the device twice a week for 20 minutes to get the most sexual pleasure possible. Of course, any type of physical activity will give you more stamina and improve your circulation.

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