Make a Run for Fitness
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Running is a trendy, economical and high-calorie-burning activity. But it's also one with a high injury rate and one that's not easy on the body. So is there any way for people with bad knees, high arches, osteoporosis, obesity or myriad... Read More
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Vitamins for Vegetarians
There are a lot of vegetarians among us, some by circumstance and some by choice. Those who are vegetarians by choice can be divided...
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Spinach Isn't Just for Popeye
How smart is Popeye? Smarter than you think. Popeye attributes his amazing strength to eating spinach, but he is also protecting himself...
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Dark Chocolate for Heart Health
by Richard van Beek Researchers are actually telling us to eat dark chocolate for heart health. How is this possible? Up until now,...
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