Pack a Little Love When Traveling Together

It seems like a getaway with just you and your partner would be the perfect way to get intimate, relax and enjoy each other's company. But for many couples, taking a trip together can be a crapshoot. Having a sense of adventure and wanderlust is a lot of fun, but when it comes to the practical side of traveling - whether planes, trains or automobiles - vacationing can be a downer. A little planning goes a long way when traveling with your loved one. First, decide how much you can pack and stick to it. No one wants to spend time schlepping several suitcases through an airport. Arrange travel to, from and around your destination beforehand so you can get where you want to go quickly. Neither of you need to show off your globetrotting prowess, so enjoy the adventure together. Unless it's your hometown, don't pretend you know everything there is to know about a place. You'll feel silly, and your partner will be thoroughly confused.

Remember to keep an eye on each other in unfamiliar places. One of you may be surrounded by children looking to pickpocket - be sure the other one is watching to avoid unfortunate situations. Perhaps you know enough French to understand that your mate is about to order snails off the menu - help him or her figure it out! And finally, don't overextend yourself. If you know you're particularly susceptible to jet lag, then plan an easy day for when you arrive at your destination. Likewise, your partner may have his or her heart set on visiting a nightclub the night before your flight home. Push back the time if you can in order to allow for extra rest in the morning. Like most of the aspects of your relationship, traveling requires a little extra patience for everyone to have a lot of fun.